Equipment & Components for the Satcom & Microwave/RF Industries

Coaxial Cable Assemblies
with Connector Variants
Standard Lengths 2 to 60 inches
ASR, ASF and AFX Series
0.086 & 0.141 sizes

Stock Connector Options:
SMA Male Straight, SMA Male R/A, SMA Female Bulkhead,
Type N Male Straight, N Male R/A, N Female Bulkhead

  • DC-26.5GHz (subject to connector type)
  • STOCK Availability
  • Wide Choice of Lengths
  • Reformable and Flexible
  • Weight Saving
  • Very Cost Effective
  • Wide Range of Alternative Connector Options

Part Number Format: ASF-CA-086-AABB-XX
Cable Type Cable Diameter Connector AA/BB Length in inches XX
ASF-CA = Reformable Copper/Tin Composite - Semi-flexible 086 = 0.086 see connector options 2 to 60 in 1 inch increments
ASR-CA = Reformable Aluminium - Semi-rigid 141 = 0.141    
AFX-CA = Flexible - Blue FEP Jacket      

ASR-CA-086-SMSR-12 = Semi-rigid 0.086, SMA Male to SMA Male Right Angle, Length 12 inches
ASF-CA-141-NMNB-06 = Semi-flexible 0.141, N Male to N Female Bulkhead, Length 6 inches
AFX-CA-141-SMSR-10 = Flexible 0.141, SMA Male to SMA Male Right Angle, Length 10 inches

Cables with SMA Male to SMA Male connectors are covered by our standard assemblies on individual data sheets, which include full electrical specifications.

Click the links below to view individual data sheets for:
ASF Series
0.086 Reformable Copper/Tin Composite
0.141 Reformable Copper/Tin Composite
ASR Series
0.086 Reformable Aluminium
0.141 Reformable Aluminium
AFX Series
0.086 Flexible
0.141 Flexible
Stock Connector Options for AA & BB
SMA Male Straight SM
SMA Male Right Angle SR
SMA Female Bulkhead SB
N Male Straight NM
N Female Bulkhead NB
N Male Right Angle NR

Additional Connector Options
2.92mm, SMP, SSMP, MCX, MMCX, SSMA, TNC, BNC, 2.4mm 1.85mm

We reserve the right to change standard product specifications without notice but will be pleased to consider control drawings for quotation.

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