Equipment & Components for the Satcom & Microwave/RF Industries

Multi-Octave Amplifier
Model AOX-010200

  • Ultra Broad Band 1GHz - 20GHz
  • Ultra Wide Temperature Range -269 to +100C
  • High Gain 27dB typ.
  • Flat Response
  • Low Noise
  • Low Cost
  • Low Voltage
  • Compact Size
  • Cascadable
  • UK Manufacture

 General Electrical Specifications
 Frequency Range 1.0-20.0GHz
 Operating Temperature Range:
 Model AOX-010200 -20 +85C Ambient Conditions
 Model AOX-010200-H -55 +85C Ambient Conditions
 Protected Environment 4 - 358K
 Short Term Maximum +100C
 RF Connector SMA Female, Stainless Steel MIL-C-39012
 DC Connector Filtercon & Ground Post
 Housing Aluminium Alloy
 Finish Alochrom 1200
 Dimensions 31.5 x 27.5 x 10.0 mm
(1.24 x 1.08 x 0.39 ins.)

Model AOX-010200 is a miniature, versatile, small signal, low noise amplifier module having a multi-octave bandwidth and a very wide operating temperature range. The MIC design utilises GaAs PHEMT distributed amplifier MMIC technology, together with proprietary matching circuits within a robust light-weight aluminium alloy housing fitted with SMA Female connectors. The amplifier module is suitable for applications in telecommunications, satcoms, radar, countermeasures, EMC, test and measurement, radio astronomy and other highly demanding commercial and military systems.

Parameter Typ. Min. Max.
Small Signal Gain @ -55C 30dB 27dB  
  @ +25C 27dB 24dB  
  @ +85C 25dB 22dB  
  @ 4K 32dB    
Gain Variation over any 50MHz 0.15dB    
  over any 500MHz 0.50dB    
  over 1-20GHz     +/-2.5dB
Noise Figure @ +25C 2.5dB @ 5GHz    
    4.5dB @ 15GHz    
  @ 4K     0.5dB @ 5GHz
        2.0dB @ 15GHz
Output Power 1dB GCP @ +25C +11dBm @ 1GHz +8dBm @ 1GHz  
    +14dBm @ 5GHz +11dBm @ 5GHz  
    +14dBm @ 10GHz +11dBm @ 10GHz  
    +13dBm @ 15GHz +10dBm @ 15GHz  
    +12dBm @ 20GHz +9dBm @ 20GHz  
Output Power Saturated @ +25C +12dBm @ 1GHz    
    +15dBm @ 5GHz    
    +15dBm @ 10GHz    
    +14dBm @ 15GHz    
    +13dBm @ 20GHz    
Third order Intercept @ +25C +28dBm @ 1GHz    
    +20dBm @ 5GHz    
Input VSWR   2.0:1   2.5:1
Output VSWR   2.3:1   2.8:1
DC Supply:        
Voltage   +5V   +8V
Current @ +25C 140mA   150mA
  @ 4K 125mA    

All dimensions in mm

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