Equipment & Components for the Satcom & Microwave/RF Industries


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AGM Series Miniature Amplifiers Drop-in 1.8 - 26GHz
AGM Miniature Amplifier with MIL-883 Screening Drop-in 8 - 12GHz
AHP Series High Power Amplifiers   0.3KHz - 3GHz
AOX Series Wide Band Amplifiers   1 - 20GHz in Ranges
Mast Head Amplifier L Band 1435 - 1540MHz
Multi-Octave Amplifier Model: AOX-010200 1 - 20GHz
BOX Series Multi-Octave Battery Powered Amplifier   1 - 20GHz
ABA Series Ultra Wide Band Amplifier SMA - 2.92mm  10MHz - 30GHz
Ultra Broadband Amplifier Model: BBA-0005-20000 50MHz - 20GHz
Portable Amplifier Ultra Wide Band 1 - 18GHz
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